• Available in 21 colors
  • North America's number one selling shingle
  • Known for:
    • Great value
    • Peak performance
    • Dimensional look
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Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow:

  • value and performance in a natural wood-shake look
  • known for:
    • classic appearance
    • great value
    • peak performance
  • highest roofing fire rating
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Presidential Shake TL:

  • available in 7 colors
  • three layers of material to ensure the industry leading thickest, toughest, shingle
  • has the look of natural wood shakes

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Presidential Shake

Presidential Shake:

  • Available in 7 colors
  • An intricate shingle design that creates an architecturally beautiful roof
  • A rich color palette to enhance and complement any home exterior
  • Less expensive than real wood shake, and practically maintenance free
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Presidential TL Solaris

  • rustic feel of wood shake with strength of triple laminate shingles
  • available in 4 colors
  • compliant with 2016 California title 24 part 6 Cool Roof Requirements
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Apoc 1


APOC 585 Armor Flex

  • "APOC 585 Armor Flex White is a moisture cure, fluid applied, high solids, silicone coating. Armor Flex White creates a shield of protection over your roof with Pond-Proof Technology and cutting edge performance."
  • Helps lower utility bills & energy costs
  • Lowers carbon emissions
  • Extends roof life
  • Lowers roof maintenance cost
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Apoc 2

APOC 583 Armor-Base

  • "APOC 583 Armor-Base is a high performance water borne epoxy formulated for use with APOC silicone coating. This product is used as a primer to create a smooth, fully adhered substrate prior to application of APOC 585 Armor Flex Silicone."
  • Helps reduce bleed through
  • Promotes adhesion
  • Prepares roof's surface for silicone coatings
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Installation of Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Why Install a Sky light?

  • Add up to 30% more light to a room than with a traditional window
  • Save on heating and cooling bills
  • South facing skylights will increase the temperature in your home year round because they will pick up more of the suns rays than a skylight facing any other direction
  • Add architectural interest on both the inside and outside of your home
  • Prevent seasonal affective disorder

Why Install a Sun Tunnel?

  • Gain access to natural light throughout your home that normally would not be accessible
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Commonly used on roofing projects with a "green" mission

We can install a 10" or 14" sun tunnel in your home

  • Energy efficient light for bathrooms, hallways, and closets
  • Flexible tubing that can be installed around obstructions
  • Blends into roofline seamlessly