Armor Base

Why to use it

  • Helps Reduce Bleed through
  • Prepares Surface for Silicone Coatings
  • Promotes Adhesion

What it is

Amor Base is a high-performance water borne epoxy formulated for use with APOC silicone coating. Essentially its used as a primer to create a smooth, full adhered substrate prior to application of APOC Amour Flex Silicone. This helps to prevent bleed through over asphalt substrates and improves long term performance and durability.

Armor Flex

Why to use it

  • Ultra-Strong & Resilient Protection from the weather
  • Helps lower utility bills, energy costs, & carbon emissions
  • Extends roof life and saves money on roof maintenance costs
  • Pond-proof Technology for standing water protection
  • Promotes healthier air quality and environment

What it is

Armor Flex is a moisture cure, fluid applied, high solids, silicone coating. It creates a protection over your roof much like a shield. It creates a tough, flexible, and resilient barrier that helps prevent damage from severe weather. With proper care it will extend the life of your roof!

Energy Efficient Roof Coatings

Want to cool your roof and lower your costs?

Black surfaces in the sun light can become extremely hot reaching temperatures of 90 degrees F which is hotter than the most reflective white surfaces. This heat can increase stress to the entire roofing system, meaning that it will shorten the life span of your roof. This also means your AC system has to work harder to cool the building off. Heat can get trapped and remain hotter inside even when the sun goes down making for uncomfortable nights. Many aspects are affected by this such as increased energy demand, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, heat related illnesses and more.

What to do about it?

Use APOC Cool Roof Restoration System

This will significantly reduce roof temperatures that will decrease internal building temperatures resulting in overall savings in AC needs. You AC unit will last longer and you will save money along the way while staying comfortable and cool! It also expands the life of your roof!